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Advantage of our Knife

1. Optimal Material Selection

We have over 50 years of experience in producing machinery knives and, thus, have gained a well knowledge of the quality and properties of various blade materials from different sources. We are also well versed in using appropriate materials to manufacture our knives to match our customized-application specifications.


2. Optimal Heat Treatment.

In addition to our own research and development of heat treatment equipment and methods, we have also acquired the most advanced heat treatment technologies from other countries, such asGermany,Japanand theUnited Statesfor enhancing the mechanical properties of our products.


3. Optimal Precision Processing.

Our production process utilizes single purpose machines of our own design in conjunction with CNC machines in order to achieve the best possible level of precision while minimizing production costs. We also employ high precision grinding machines fromGermanyandJapan.


 4. Optimal Quality Control.

To minimize human errors and ensure uniform blade quality, we have implemented a standardized manufacturing process with strict quality control measures.