1958 - New Asia Knives was founded by the technical director of Japan Fukuda Knives Co., Ltd.

1964 - Capital was increased in order to expand the business. After company restructuring, the name was changed to New Asia Knives Co., Ltd., becoming the first factory in Taiwan to specialize in mechanical and industrial knives manufacture.

1972 - Technical workers were sent to Japan for training as part of cooperation with Japan Kanefusa Knives Co., Ltd. Production of Veneer Peeling Clippers / Slicer Knives for Wood-Working Industry was begun.

1979 - Workers were sent to Japan for research and study as part of a technical cooperation with Japan Sanyan Riki Co., Ltd., and New Asia Knives Co. became their sales agent for agricultural mechanical knives in the Taiwan region, also overseeing after-sales support services in the region.

1987 - A technical cooperation with Japan Oyane Riki Co., Ltd. was formed to establish Taya Precise Knives Co., Ltd. Staff was sent to Japan to learn production technology, and Japanese technical personnel were sent to supervise the production process of knives for Fax Machines.

1998 - New Asia Knives upgraded computerized operations and implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and shop floor tracking (SFT) system.

2000 - The Wuhan factory was founded to produce industrial knives for the corrugated board industry and became the main cooperating vendor for corrugated machine suppliers worldwide.

2006 - A plan for organization restructuring was drawn up to raise global competitiveness and facilitate expansion. In the same year, Nanjing factory was founded to specialize in manufacturing all kinds of industrial knives for the metal industry. Both factories maintained their shear blades' quality and the top Market share rate.

2007 - The Kunshan factory(KuShan LiJin Knives Co.,Ltd)was established to specialized in production of industrial knives for all the level of paper industry knives, also provided re-grinding service in order to meet customer requirement for different level of products and service.

2008 - Expanded the material research lab for increasing every kind of mechanical knives’ life and efficiency.

2010 - Shop Floor Tracking System was completed. Every piece of knife and every process would have their own record to trace back for the quality.

2012 - Published the process and material research achievement for metal industry shears. Maintain the best quality and the largest market share on metal industry knives.

2013 - Signed a technical cooperation memorandum with the French industry. In the same year, imported a set of heat treatment equipment from Japan.

2015 - Published the process and material research achievement for corrugated industry blades. Our quality surpassed the industry standard and approval by Japan and Europe’s production line.